How to Style Bob Hairstyles in Various Models


Style bob hairstyles

Bob hairstyles are mostly considered in one length, which is in chin or medium length. Yet, modern versions come in a variety of styles, staring from shaggy ended styles, bangs, A-lined shape, to graduated cutting. Then, how to style bob hairstyles in various models? Here are some steps and tips to consider.


Short style bob hairstyles

Steps to Style Bob Hairstyles

In the first place, you will need to prepare some materials, such as blow dyer, round brush, shampoo and conditioner, and shine serum. Wash your hair thoroughly and also apply the conditioner. Use lightweight conditioner and volumizing shampoo if you have thin hair, or smoothing shampoo if you have thick and very curly hair. Blow your hair with blow dryer and comb them with a round brush to achieve sleek style.


Style bob hairstyles 2014

Some techniques of brushing are also helpful to create various final styles of your bobs. Moving hand downward and then turn the ends of the hair can give a rounded look and so the hair will look having volume. Another way, use a flick of wrist to create flipped-end hairstyles. Once you dry your hair, apply smoothing serum to create shiny look on your hair. If you want style more, for example adding more curls or doing up-do style, apply styling cream or gel beforehand. Lastly, finish the styling steps with a light spray to set the style and hold the hair.


Unstructured style bob hairstyles

Tips for Styling Bob Hairstyles

Different styles of bob require different styling techniques. Here are some tips.

1. Sleek and Simple Bobs

This is suitable for short classy bobs, usually worn on business or formal events. To style, split the hair off center and then blow dry the hair with a round brush and blow dryer. Flip the hair over for adding extra volume. Then, apply shine serum and moisturizer to keep the look sleek of your short bobs.


Simple Style Bob Hairstyles

2. Tousled look

This creates sexy and fun looks and so fits for special occasions like birthday, a date, or common party. The styling steps starts from curling the hair randomly in order to create messy curls. Spray the curls with spritz or light hairspray to hold the style. For last touch up, tuck a pin behind the hair or pink back the hair while leaving a few tendrils in front part.


Sleek and Simple Bob Hairstyles

3. Sleek and voluminous bobs

This is commonly known as Hollywood curls. Secure the hair in jumbo curling irons. Leave the rollers for some minutes. After undoing the curls, the curls will usually look smooth, bouncy, and in volume. To hold the patterns of curl, apply smoothing serum.

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