Strategies for Making Easy Braided Hairstyles


Easy Braided Hairstyles

Easy braided hairstyles are mostly done by pulling the whole hair back on the nape or pulling it up to the crown of the head. It fits those having limited time to spend on braiding or just learning how to braid. Still, such minimalistic pattern of braids can look beautiful and elegant if you have some strategies as follows.


Easy Braided Hairstyles 2014

Hair Condition

Hair texture and length become the primary concern for creating easy braids. For short and curly hair, you need to frizz it so that will ease you comb and braid the hair. Try to use a particular style of braids such as cornrows for dealing with curly hair. Damp and comb the hair until it is completely smooth.


Beautiful Easy Braided Hairstyles Ideas

Then, divide the hair into several sections and braid each section tightly close to the scalp. Continue braiding until the whole sections of hair are fully braided. Besides, micro braids can also be another option. For medium to long hair, there are more braiding styles to consider, such as fishtail, French braid, English braids, side braids, mermaid’s braids, and so forth.


Unique Easy Braided Hairstyles

Additionally, once you are done braiding, it is not really suggested that you use band or elastic band to secure the end of your braids since many get tangled around this. If this happens, you will end up forcedly pulling the band and damaging the hair. Alternatively, using beads or pins is way better than bands.


Pink Side Easy Braided Hairstyles Idea

Other Concerns to Consider

Event that you are going to attend is the next strategy to determine how you will pattern your braids. For formal occasion, use tight and tidy braids, such as braided bun, braids on the nape, or other braids pinned up on the head. Such styles can control the hair and get it completely off the shoulders and neck, so it looks neat and clean. On the other hand, messy and loose braids can fit informal and casual situations.


Cute Side Easy Braided Hairstyle for Women

The styles for informal events basically concerns on how you feel relaxed. Braid the hair loosely and no need to worry about the messy strands. Besides, age matters on how the braids can be appropriate. Cornrows work better on elders than youngsters since kids and teenagers are likely to wear various braided styles and keep changing them for several times.

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