Ideas of Modern Bob Hairstyles for Old Women


Bob Hairstyles for Old Women

Being no longer young does not necessarily mean having old hairstyles. Even if the appearance is mostly considered changing, taste of style does not have to degrade. Ideas of modern bob hairstyles for old women are specified below.


Short Bob Hairstyles for Old Women

Bob Hairstyles for Old Women in Different Length

For shorter hair, use a deep side part with bangs that fall right above your eye in order to create a sexy and young look. Short bob hairstyles fit for those having round faces or curly or volume hair. Unlike common assumption that short and bob style will only add volume to a round face, bob it precisely can elongate the shape of face. If you have thin hair, go with layer haircuts in back part so that your hair will seem having more volume and thick.


Bob Hairstyles for Old Women Ideas

To some old women, shot bob styles are pretty much favorable since it is simple and not in needs of various care. The treatment only covers several basic things, such as washing the hair, apply some amount of mousse to damp the hair and then use a tip of comb to tidy up the hair. Start from the center of the hair and then go along the side parts. To hold the pattern of your bob style, lightly mist the hair with spritz and blow the hair in small sections by using brush. After the hair is fully dried from the spritz, rub some amount of pomade through the hair to create extra shine.


Bob Hairstyles for Old Women 2014

Medium to Long and Layered Bob Hairstyles for Old Women

As people get aged, their hair usually starts losing strength as well. Dandruff or hair loss is common problem amongst elders. This makes them difficult in choosing types of hairstyles they are supposed to have. Some prefer cutting it very shortly, while some others just leave it longer while applying regular treatment and care. However, elders with fine and thick hair are not in needs of worries or having intensive treatment. For fine hair, cut the hair in long or medium bob style starting from the crown part. Add some bangs lying on the forehead or just above the eyes. Bangs are helpful not only to create youthful sense, but also to veil or soften wrinkles on the face. Apply volumizing products especially for thin hair and comb the hair with a brush in order to create a circular motion of your long or medium bob hairstyles.


Bob Hairstyles for Old Women with Thin Hair

Also, layered bobs are favored. They vary in different lengths and styles which need different skills of haircutting and more requirements to care the hair. Layered models are basically functioned to add volume towards the hair, especially thin hair. This is also suitable for any kinds of face shape.

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