Ideas for Bob Hairstyles 2014


Bob Hairstyles

Bob hairstyles are getting popular since its first coming out. With so many development and innovating styles, bob hairstyles 2014 are hence the most recent product. The styles are as follows.

Short to Long Bobs

Short bob hairstyle is commonly in chin-length, though some also prefer making it shorter. Short bobs also vary from even length to layered style. It works best on oval face since such face shape is considered ideal for hair with volume. A mid-length bob has length around between the chin and collar bone.


Bob Hairstyles Ideas

It is basically similar to short bob which can be made in either layers or one length. Also, layers on middle length bob can give youthful outlook. It works with oval, heart, and square-shaped faces. The other 2014 standard bob hairstyle is long bobs. It is perfect to create a sleek look especially if you add some layers on the side parts of hair. A long bob style is usually cut above or in the length of shoulder. This is good for any shapes of face since long hair can create both volume and sharpen the shape of face.


Short Bob Hairstyles for Women

Angled and Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyles

Angled style can give edgy pattern to bob hairstyle. It is sometimes also called graduated bobs as the back part is cut shorter than the front. The back part also has more volume than the front. The angles made on the front part of hair give sleek look. Then, the most distinguished style is asymmetrical bobs. It is also the edgiest style in which the hair is cut uneven from one side to another.

For instance, one side is significantly made shorter than the others. The pattern is also paired with textured layers and colored in a very bright color. Sometimes, highlights work well with such style. Yet, asymmetrical bob is recommended for straight hair because the layers and edges can be clearly seen on straight hair. Do not be worried if you have minimal straight hair or very curly hair since there is still curling iron which can be helpful to straighten the hair before making the layers and uneven cut.

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