Casual Braided Hairstyles – Braided Up Dos and Fishtail Braids


Casual braided hairstyles

Casual braided hairstyles covering French braid pattern can be developed into some other styles, such as braided up dos and fishtail braids.


Casual side braided hairstyles

Braided Up Dos

Braided-up-do with loose effect hairstyle can be ideal for casual and lively occasion, like party. Firstly, gather the hair into loose ponytail to one side of the nape. Secure it with an elastic hair band. Create an English braid and roll the braid upward until it forms a braided bun. Make sure you make it on the crown of head so that will look more attractive and loose. If you have very thick hair, you do not need to braid all of them. Just use some amount of hair strands and the rest can be braided on the side of the bun.


Casual Braided Hairtsyles Up Dos

Then, the remaining braids can be put over the bun crown. Still, messy bun helps better to create a loose braided look. Another way to make casual braided hairstyles by using bun is to use partial braiding technique. Gather the hair halfway up, secure it with plastic band, braid, and then make them a bun. The braiding can be in one English braid or more. If you have thick hair, it is good to have some English braids. Divide the secured hair into some sections, and then cross strands from each side alternately. Clip the braids together. Roll them like a bun. It is also cute if you have long fringe. As for the remaining halfway of the hair, you can just leave it as it is or curl it so that will look having more volume and loose.


Braid up do hairstyles inspiration

Fishtail Casual Braided Hairstyles

Secure the hair into a ponytail. Then, split it into two ropes. Put a small piece of hair underneath one rope and then cross it over the other rope. Similarly, take another small piece of hair from another rope and wrap it over the first rope. Repeat those steps alternately until it reaches the end of the hair. Secure it with an elastic hair band.


Fishtail Casual Braided Hairstyles

For more variation, you can create such fishtail on the side of head or partially halfway up.

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