Bob Hairstyles with Weave


Bob Hairstyles with Weave

Adding weave sometimes becomes a great option to add length or thickness to hair. In the case of bob hairstyles, weave is beneficial for those having thin hair or having problems with hair loss. Besides, bob hairstyles with weave can help to create sleek, straight or loose patterns. Here are some ideas of having bob hairstyles with weave and also some tips on how to make the weave look real and natural on your hair.

Bob Hairstyles with Weave Ideas

– Straight Sleek Bob Hair

This is appropriate particularly for formal events because short bob with weave can look shiny, elegant, tidy, and still attractive. However, adding weave to such style can be applied well only on really straight hair; otherwise the weave cannot blend well to your hair and it only results on unnatural look.


Bob Hairstyles with Weave Ideas

Thus, if you have like a little bit wavy or curly parts of hair, you need to straighten them until the entire parts of hair are sleek and very straight. After putting on the straight weave, usually on the crown of head, mist the hair with high-shine spray.


Rihanna Bob Hairstyles with Weave

– Wavy and Curly Weave Bob Hair

Wavy and curly bob hairstyles with weave can create volume to your hair. Similar to the previous style, you need to initially adjust your hair to the weave being put on. Here, make it in wavy or curly patterns. Use curling iron to curl or wave the hair. Continue this process until at least the halfway up of the hair has been styled. Then, run your fingers on the hair to slightly loosen the curl. Put on the weave and gently mist the hair with hairspray to hold the entire curls or waves.


Short Bob Hairstyles with Weave

Tips to Create Weave Look Natural on the Hair

Vividly, in the first place, natural weave outlook can only be done if the hair for weave is made of person’s real hair. In other words, the weave should not be from synthetic or other artificial materials. Human hair usually costs higher than the synthetic one. Still, it provides better quality hair with better natural outlook and lasts longer as well.


Short Weave Bob Hairstyles

Then, weave’s color is another clear matter to deal with. Also, make sure that the weave wig fits your head very well. After this all is completed, start gluing the weave onto the stocking cap from one ear to another at the back of the head. Remember, regularly moisture your scalp since it may get dried under the weave.

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