Bob Hairstyles and Color Ideas – Black and Colored


Bob Hairstyles and Color Ideas

Bob hairstyles not only come in different models, but they also have several colors which are able to enhance the shape and beauty of bob style. Bob hairstyles and color ideas vary from a single solid hair color, such as black, to various colors including blonde, red, brown, and other tones.


Bob Hairstyles and Color Ideas 2014

Black Bob Hairstyles

Black is considered glossy and able to sharpen the style and shape of bob hairstyles. Using serums can also help to add some gloss and shine to the hair. This color can work with any hair type, ranging from curly, wavy, to straight. For curly hair, the hair is usually cut shorter at the back than its front.


Black Bob Hairstyles Color Ideas

For very short style, the back side can be cut from the nape of the neck to the middle of head. Then, add some layer. Coloring such short curly bob style in black can finally present a volume hair outlook. Also, black straight bob hairstyle gives blunt and shaped outlook. Particularly, it is paired with short bangs.


Short Black Bob Hairstyles Color Ideas

Colored Bob Hairstyles

When it comes to color selection, there are bold and natural colors which can be the options. There are also two ways of coloring the hair, including highlights or single solid color. Highlighting means adding small sections of the hair and then they are colored differently from the main color of the hair.


Colored Bob Hairstyles Ideas

Usually, highlighting uses subtle and bright colors so that the final outlook of the hair can really stand out and look in shades. Single solid process coloring is simply to color the hair in one chosen shade. Unlike highlights which intend to emphasize particular parts only, single process color give a total highlight as it alters completely the entire color of hair.


Short Colored Bob Hairstyles Ideas 2014

The most frequently used colors used either for highlights or for single coloring process commonly include brunette, blonde, caramel, and dark red. Still, there are some bob hairstyles’ lovers who are likely to various and distinguished colors, such as sunkissed color highlight, tipped color, two-toned colors, and so forth. Sunkissed highlights, for example, use a particular color tone which is a few shades lighter than the main color of hair. It is then applied at the crown of the head to create a natural color of highlights as if the hair is baked under the sun.

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