Bob Hairstyles 2014


New Bob Hairstyles 2014

Bob hairstyles are known for its classy and stylish look. It is neat in cutting, but elegant in style. Here are a variety of bob hairstyles 2014 which fit various shapes of face and hair type.


Blonde Bob Hairstyles

Commonly Worn Bob Hairstyles 2014

The primary choice for bob hairstyles in 2014 is graduated style which can work on almost any type of hair. It stacks on layers in both the back and the front parts. The back hair is made shorter than the front. The layers are also made short from the back hair and then gradually get longer to the front. It boosts volume at the crown but provides sleek look in the front part.


Short Bob Hairstyles for Women 2014

Then, sleek short bob hairstyle becomes the next simple but favorite choice of 2014 bob styles. The hair is cut above the chin either with layers or in one length. It is perfect for oval, long and heat-shaped faces. The simplicity of this hairstyles bring less maintenance, like no more needs to straighten the hair or to apply moisturizer or conditioner to regularly damp the hair. If you like longer hair or you are not ready to sacrifice too much length, just cut the hair in above shoulders. This is great to elongate round face shape.


Best Bob Hairstyles 2014

Bobs with Bang Hairstyles

Bangs are good option to dress up the bobs. It gives different look and is also a great way to fit the face shapes, especially for those having such a wide forehead. Layers on bangs can be a help for softening the look of square jaw line as well. Bangs can work with any bob hairstyles, ranging from standard one length bob, graduated bob, side bob, to the most significant layered bob.


2014 Short Bob Hairstyles for Women

If you originally have very short hair and want to cut it in bob style, you can have it A-line bob. The hair is cut around or below the chin in an A-line shape. The hair is short at the back and then getting longer to the front. The cutting process is basically similar to graduated bob hairstyles, yet here is not too short or too long. Straight, wavy, and curly hair can support this style.

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